Emma Salt


First things first, I can't talk about myself in third person, I find it too weird! So, that grinning face up there, that's me! 

If you are considering a New York wedding, I want to know all about you & your love story! So I should probably tell you a bit about me & mine. Here are a few things you might need to know:

  • I <3 NY (obviously!)
  • Hubby & I were SO close to booking our wedding in the U.K but decided to have a New York wedding as we wanted something even more memorable (and also fancied an epic USA style wedding breakfast of burgers & fries) 
  • That big smile is mainly due to the large pizza I have cropped out of shot
  • I have a cockapoo called Lex (named after Lexington Ave.) and you might meet him or see him on FaceTime if you fancy having a wedding chat!
  • I literally love weddings! It is such an exciting time for you, so I want you to enjoy the experience & not get bogged down by the stress of it all. So Ta-Da! My vendors & I will make sure your day is perfect in every way.