How to get married in New York City


So you’re ready to make it super duper official…

The official side of your wedding is much more straightforward than you’d think (phew!) and of course I’ll help you through the whole process.

Getting married in New York City can seen daunting. Especially when you think about the legalities and paperwork.

“Will our marriage be legal in the UK? Will it be more difficult to change my name on my passport and driving licence? HOW DO WE EVEN GET MARRIED IN NYC?!

Believe me, I’ve been there, but I promise it’s as easy (or even easier!) than it is to get married back home.

With one of my officiants you can get hitched pretty much anywhere and anytime so long as you have your marriage licence.

In a nutshell… the process starts 21 days before your wedding date. You can start the application for your marriage licence at this point and do it all online. This will speed up the process slightly for when you are in New York.

Once you get to New York you’ll need to go to the Marriage Bureau at the Office of the City Clerk. This is in Lower Manhattan and I always advise that you arrive early as there can be a long wait. I know a few good breakfast spots nearby for afterwards though! Once inside you go through airport-like security scanners and get a ticket number (think Argos circa 1999) The wait can be long, but there are lots of couples there to get married so you may see a bride or two which is quite sweet & romantic. You’ll be called up to the clerk who will run through your information and issue your marriage licence (woohoo!) The fee for your licence is $35.

You need to wait 24 hours after obtaining your licence until you can get married so make sure you plan your trip to allow for this.

Then comes the day we’ve all been waiting for! Take your licence with you on your wedding day and my officiant will do the rest (you’ll need a witness though, but my photographer is happy to do this if you are eloping)

A few weeks later your marriage certificate will pop through your letterbox for you to frame, safely file or wave around excitedly.

Your marriage certificate is fully recognized back home. After my own New York wedding a couple of years ago I changed all my ID and bank information easily.

I will help with the entire process so don’t stress.